To get started, ask your family and friends to visit to create a shipping account and let us know that you referred them. IT IS THAT EASY!!!

To qualify for this promo, you MUST have a Shipping Account created before October 13, 2022 and REFER at least 10 people to sign up.




This Referral Promotion starts October 13th, 2022 and ends November 15th, 2022. To qualify to win the prizes, you must have a shipping account with Ship Quicker created before October 13th, 2022 and you must be a Platinum Member on or before November 15th, 2022.


10 referrals is the minimum number required to win the phone. If there are multiple customers with over 10 referrals, the customer with the highest number of referrals will win the phone. 


All entries will be collated by November 15th, 2022, and the customer with the highest number of referrals will win a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone. The customer with the second highest number of referrals will win JMD$15,000.00 and the customer with the third highest number of referrals will win JMD$10,000


To start, refer at least 10 people to create an account between October 13th and November 14th, 2022. Each account created must be completely filled out and a valid government ID must be uploaded on each account. Any account not completed by November 14th, 2022 will not be counted. After they have completely filled out the profile and uploaded an ID, the person you refer must send us a WhatsApp message on 19542829349 to let us know that you referred them. All entries close by 11:59pm on November 14th, 2022. If they do not send us the message before the date and time stated above, they will not be counted.


The phone is a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. There is only one phone to be won. The phone is exactly as seen in the video. The phone is locked to a US Mobile Network Provider and unlocking the phone is the winner’s responsibility. The phone has an unexpandable storage space of 128gb and it is up to the winner to purchase additional cloud storage as it does not have a micro SD Card slot. The phone does not come with a charger and headset from the manufacturer. It is up to the winner to purchase a charger and headset for the phone. This promotion is sponsored by Alpha Import Group Limited, parent company of Ship Quicker. Whosoever wins the phone must be prepared to accept the phone from our delivery team on camera. The winner must be willing to open the phone package on camera to show that they actually won the phone. The first and second runners-up must be prepared to accept the cash price from our team on camera. The winners agree that their pictures and videos will be used as promotional content on all social media platforms. The videos and pictures taken during the presentation of the prizes are sole properties of Alpha Import Group Limited and can be used for whatsoever purpose Alpha Import Group Limited deems fit.


There will be no rain check on this Referral Promotion, it will come to an end on the indicated date and will not be extended. This Referral Promotion is valid for PLATINUM MEMBERS ONLY. It is FREE to become a Platinum Member, join to become eligible for this Referral Promotion. If you are not a Platinum Member by November 15th, 2022, you will not qualify this Referral Promotion. We reserve the rights to terminate the Referral Promotion at any time without prior notice. If for any reason, it is found that this Referral Promotion has been abused or violated by any user, the defaulting user will no longer be eligible for any of our Promotions and the account may be deactivated.


By participating in this Referral Promotion, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions above. 

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