If you want to get the most out of this promo, then you should be broadcasting this promo to your contacts.
Watch the video below if you do not know how to do a broadcast and
PLEASE remember to remove [ENTER YOUR REFERRAL LINK HERE], and add your actual referral link.
You can find your referral link on the Referral Link section on the customer portal dashboard.

Then broadcast the following message:
“Ship Quicker🚀 is giving away more FREE shipping coupons to both you and I if you create a free shipping account.
I have been using their service, and they are very good! I think you should give them a try.
*Click [ENTER YOUR REFERRAL LINK HERE]* to create your Ship Quicker account and complete your profile. They will instantly give the both of us free shipping coupons.”



If you refer someone between March 1st and March 31st, you are eligible to receive three free shipping coupons worth 5lbs each. The coupon becomes active immediately you receive it, and it will be valid for only 30 days. This coupon will not be reissued when it expires, and it is not transferrable to any other account. Your packages must have the Awaiting Payment status on it before the coupon can be applied. If your packages are in transit or with customs or have been delayed for whatsoever reason and the coupon expires, it WILL NOT be reissued. Ensure that you shop early to make use of the coupon. Coupons will be issued after new accounts have completed their profile and a government ID has been uploaded. Please take note and follow the guidelines. The new account holder must create an account using your referral link. Once the new account has complete their profile and the government ID has been approved, a coupon will be assigned to the new account. Three coupons will be assigned to you. Please note that these coupons are shipping coupons and not discount coupons. The coupons will not be redeemable if your package size exceeds 5lbs. The coupons are not stackable and cannot be combined. There is no limit to the number of coupons that you can accumulate. Suppose for any reason, it is found that this program has been abused or violated by any user. In that case, we will hold all existing packages and demand compensation equaling the total amount of coupons defaulting user has accumulated. Please do not have any individual, friends and family create multiple accounts to take advantage of this program. We will verify all records.

Island Shipper is the number 1 cheap e-commerce carrier between America and Jamaica via Kingston and Montego Bay, and we deliver Island-wide. We specialize in shipping e-commerce purchases from websites like AliExpress, eBay and Amazon for our customers who are located mainly in Canada, the U.K., USA, Cayman Islands and Jamaica.