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Online Purchase  
Without notifying us, go ahead to create a shipping account if you do not have one yet. Once this is done, complete your profile and purchase the television using the USA Address we provided to you. You can find this address on your customer dashboard once you login.

While your television is in transit, please create a shipping alert for it. Once it arrives, we will process it, ship it to Jamaica, clear it with Customs and send it to the destination in Jamaica.

Please note that we will not ship your package until a shipping alert is created. Always ensure to create the shipping alert before the television is delivered to the USA address.

In-Store Pickup
Without notifying us, go ahead to create a shipping account if you do not have one yet. Once this is done, complete your profile and purchase your television from any store within a 20-mile radius provided in your USA Address (33071). Please ensure that the pickup person’s name is Kevin Dunn. The minimum order value for a free in-store pickup is $100, please ensure that your order value meets this requirement to enjoy a free in-store pickup. After you have made your purchase, immediately go ahead and do your shipping alert. In the section designated for the tracking number you will not have a tracking number, please type in TELE plus your Order Number (only the number) as indicated below:

TELE123456789 (Note: there is no space, just TELE and the numbers. DO NOT TYPE ANY OTHER LETTERS OR WORDS).

Once all this is done, please contact Customer Service via WhatsApp on +19548000133 with a screenshot of your order confirmation, the pickup person’s name, the scheduled pickup date and how long we have to pick up the television before the order is canceled. Please ensure that you get a confirmation from the Customer Service Representative.

Customers have an obligation to do the shipping alert for the television and upload a proper invoice. Televisions without shipping alerts will not be shipped.

Without a proper invoice, Customs will do their own assessment and come up with a value. After the television clears Customs, the cost is final and cannot be changed.

The estimated cost to ship clear and deliver Televisions are based on these values and these weights. If your television increases in value or weight, it will impact the estimated cost. These costs are just estimates and Customs has the final say on how much duty is assessed, and this will impact your cost.

Can I call Customer Service to get help with shipping a television?
Customer service will only be involved if you are purchasing the television through the in-store pickup process. Otherwise, we will direct you to this page.

The size of TV I want to ship does not show up on the Price Estimate List
While we try to estimate the cost for all televisions, we cannot provide an estimate for all sizes. If the size of your television fit between two of the television sizes we estimated, you can use the average of both as your estimate.

Are these prices final?
The costs are not final, they are estimates based on the average weight and value of these television sizes. If the value of your television is lower or greater than the average value on the list, it will impact the estimated cost.

Can I combine the television with other items?
The television is put on a scale and weighed and measured like any other item. You can combine it with any item you wish, provided it is advisable to combine them. It is ill-advised to combine them with certain items, for example, it is not physically possible to combine a television with a pair of shoes.

What happens if my television does not show up at the USA Address?
Your television is covered under platinum cover as long as you are a platinum member. Please see the terms and conditions for platinum cover here. []/termsandconditions/

Will you inspect the television and make sure it works before you ship it to Jamaica?
We do not open customers packages but if there are clearly visible damages to be packaging, we will make videos, take photos and send them to you prior to shipping the television. Please note that this is a courtesy, and we will do this to the best of our ability and at our discretion.

Will you deliver the television to my doorstep?
While we service the entire Island of Jamaica, we do deliver to the doorstep in urban areas of the country. For the rural areas of Jamaica, we rely on our delivery partners including Knutsford Express and Zipmail.

Is this the total cost to my door?
This is an estimated cost based on the average value on the size, value and weight of the television