Terms And Conditions



Herewith, the terms “our”, “we”, and “us” refer to AIG Ship Quicker, our representatives, and branches while the terms “you” and “your” refer to our customers. Our customers are those who have active accounts with us or intend to create one.

“Shipping Alert” refers to a binding agreement notifying us on an incoming package

“Package” refers to items in any envelope, pallet or container sent our warehouses for delivery.

“Prohibited Products” products are items deemed to be either hazardous or banned for importation by either the Jamaican Customs, FAA, or IATA.


The terms and conditions listed below are non-negotiable and serve as a binding agreement between Ship Quicker and you. By commencing registration on our website and setting up shipping alerts, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed below. The terms and conditions highlight the rights, duties, obligations, and liabilities of all parties interested in sending out shipments from the United States of America.

This also serves as an acknowledgment and agreement on your part to the fact that at our discretion, we reserve the sole right to review and modify these terms and conditions at any given period. Since the terms and conditions are subject to change, ensure you read through them continually because the use of any of our services serves as an agreement to our terms and conditions.


Ship Quicker warrants that all the requested information on your package is correctly provided on the shipping alert and the invoice for your package is uploaded where applicable.

Ship Quicker warrants that all the details of the receiver of the package are correctly supplied along with fully functional mobile numbers.

Ship Quicker warrants that the dimensions and weight of your packages are correctly provided. It is important to note that your packages will be weighed on our end and you will be charged appropriately.

It is your obligation to ensure that you do not ship prohibited items deemed to be either hazardous or banned for importation by the Jamaican Customs, FAA and IATA. For more detailed information on these products, kindly contact customer support or Jamaican Customs. You can also access a list of banned import items via the link below: https://www.jacustoms.gov.jm/sites/default/files/docs/Restriction%20Items.pdf

You agree that the shipping rates gotten from our shipping calculator are subject to change. Our shipping rates are based on either the actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight shall be calculated as follows: L×H×W÷400. For packages weighing above 10lbs, dimensional weight will be used for the first 10lbs while the additional weight will be charged $2.95 per pound.

You agree that we reserve the right to discard your shipping alert if the invoice provided is found to be incorrect.

You agree that you need to create a Shipping Alert for all packages that you send to us. You also agree that if you change your mind after sending any package to us, you must send us a return label for that package and that package will be returned after a 21-Day waiting Period.

You agree that once any package is shipped to Jamaica, it cannot be returned back. You agree to either pay all the accrued fees or have the package forfeited after 42 days.

You agree to make payment in advance before your shipment can be sent out and that we reserve the discretion to delay or summarily withhold your shipment if payment is not received after 30 days.


You undertake that the content of all your packages is directly owned by you and obtained via legitimate means. You agree not to deliver any package to our warehouse that has a lien on it, or that is not lawfully owned by you, either by using stolen debit/credit cards or other fraudulent payment methods. Anyone found guilty of this offense will be handed over to the authorities.

You further undertake that the use of Ship Quicker’s Services and/or Accounts shall comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws in the United State of America, as well as other applicable Federal, State, and Local laws in Jamaica, including laws related to the transportation, importation, and exportation of products, which may include without limitation laws related to banking, money laundering, trade sanctions, and terrorism.

You agree that all the items delivered to Ship Quicker for shipping will be subjected to bouts of verification to ascertain that the items were genuinely purchased and if your package is discovered to have been obtained through fraudulent or other unlawful or inappropriate means or in violation of this agreement, the package will be immediately withheld and the appropriate government authorities in both the country of departure and destination will be notified.

You further agree that if there are inconsistencies discovered with your account, your membership with Ship Quicker will be terminated immediately and you may be prosecuted in a court of law based on the applicable laws in your locality.


You undertake that the shipping calculator is designed to provide you with an estimated shipping cost for the measurements you input and this estimated cost does not in any way serve as the actual shipping cost for your package. You also agree that the estimated amount provided is not inclusive of the custom duties and other government imposed tariffs and you agree to bear all the additional costs incurred during the process of clearing your package


By creating an account with Ship Quicker, you agree to these terms and conditions.

You will be required to verify your email address immediately after an account is created. You agree that if your email address is not verified within 7 days of account creation, your account will be permanently blocked.

On your first login, you will be directed to provide your personal information. You undertake that it is your responsibility to ensure that all the information you provide are correct and failure to do so will lead to the deactivation of such account.

You agree that it is your duty to enter a valid forwarding address and a valid phone number. Failure to do so will result in the confiscation of your package.

You undertake that your packages will not be shipped until you verify your mailbox. To verify your mailbox, you need to upload a government-issued means of identification and you need to set up a forwarding address.

You agree that once a shipping alert is created, you cannot change the forwarding address for the package(s).


You agree that the sole currency used for payment is the US Dollars. All payment made via local bank deposit/transfer will be subject to the exchange rate at the point of payment.

You agree to be primarily responsible for all the fees (shipping fees, customs duty, storage fees, delivery fees, government-imposed taxes, legal costs, and all other charges) incurred on your Ship Quicker account, as well as situations where penalties are incurred as a result of violations of this agreement and, or payment defaults.

You agree that we reserve the right to place a LIEN on any of your packages should you fail to pay all the fees incurred as stated in this Agreement. Such packages will not be released for delivery until all the incurred fees are fully paid. If you have delays completing payment for your package, you agree that we will store your packages for free for up to 14 days, and after that, at our discretion, you will be charged up to US$2.00 per day until you make payment for your package.

You agree that if payment is not completed 42 days after the first invoice is sent to you, your package will be forfeited and auctioned to cover the cost incurred to ship and clear it at Customs.

When you are setting up a Shipping Alert, it is your responsibility to ensure that the weight and dimensions of your package(s) are correctly provided. Once your package(s) are received, they will be measured and compared with the measurements provided. Where there are discrepancies, the actual dimensions will be sent to you via mail and you agree to pay the shipping fees for the actual dimensions before your package(s) can be shipped to you.

Before delivery is attempted, you will be contacted to schedule delivery, confirm your availability or have you assign someone to receive your package. Should you be unavailable to receive your package, it will be returned and additional fees will be charged each time delivery is rescheduled until it is successful and you agree to pay all the additional fees incurred as a result of delivery rescheduling.

If you have delays completing your shipping alert and your package arrives at our warehouse, you agree that at our discretion, we will store your packages for free for up to 14 days and thereafter you will be charged US$2 per pound of chargeable weight per day until the shipping alert is completed and your package is shipped out. You agree to these payments and agree to pay them once they are incurred.

We ship on Wednesday at noon and you agree that if your package misses two consecutive shipments because of no shipping alert or incorrect information on the shipping alert, your package will be subjected to storage charges.

If you are unavailable for the first delivery round of your package, your package will be subjected to stipulated late payment fees and storage fees at the rate of US$2 per pound per day which will be invoiced to you via mail and you agree to make payments in full once this occurs.

Custom duty and payable taxes are determined by the content of your package, its value, as well as its weight and Ship Quicker, cannot predetermine these fees as they are subject to change by the appropriate authorities at any time and without prior notice. Once your package is cleared with Customs, an appraised invoice will be sent to you via mail containing the shipping fees, Custom duties, and taxes incurred by your package. You agree that you will be primarily responsible for all these fees and that they shall be paid before your package can be delivered to you.

Ship Quicker reserves the right to place a lien on your package until all the fees incurred by your package during shipment and clearing are paid in full.

You undertake to only make payment via the approved payment methods listed on shipquicker.com and you agree not to make payment for your packages using fraudulent payment methods. Should you make payment via fraudulent means, you agree that we reserve the right to withhold your package until your payment is verified and authenticated. However, if the payment cannot be authenticated, it will be tagged as fraudulent and you will be prosecuted under the laws in your locality. Should you erroneously make payment using unauthorized payment methods, you will be surcharged US$10 for rectification.


In line with the Anti-Money Laundering act, we do not ship cash or its equivalent (including but not limited to cash, coins, negotiable tenders that are equivalent to cash such as traveler’s checks, money orders, etc.), originals of all types of certificates (including educational/training certificates, share certificates, or any other forms of original certificates) and prohibited items unless you obtain clearance documentation from the appropriate authorities covering them. Prohibited items are items deemed to be either hazardous or banned for importation by the Jamaican Customs, FAA and IATA.

You agree that at our discretion, we reserve the right to reject packages for certain reasons based on security and safety and you agree that we will not be responsible for these items should they be accepted for shipment on Ship Quicker by mistake.

Restricted and Prohibited items can be found on https://www.jacustoms.gov.jm/


All packages will be subject to inspection by Ship Quicker and the government authorities. They will be inspected before they are forwarded to Jamaica to ensure that they match the details in the invoice provided, they don’t fall into the banned products category, and all double boxes are removed and re-boxed where necessary, to ensure that they are not damaged, and to ensure that the measurements provided in the Shipping Alerts are accurate.

Inspections carried out by Ship Quicker will be performed professionally and recorded for documentation purposes.


Insurance indemnification is evaluated based on the stated value of your package in the invoice you provided while creating Shipping Alert. Where an invoice does not apply to your package, you agree to verify and value your package correctly. If you declare a value greater than the actual value of your package and you pay the additional amount, our maximum liability on your package will be either the declared value or actual damage, whichever is lower.

The maximum acceptable declared value of all packages is US$50 per package or US$5 per pound, whichever is lower.

However, the maximum acceptable declared value of your package may be increased when you put in a special delivery instruction request and you undertake to pay for all the additional cost incurred as a result.


Based on all the terms and conditions stated herein, we will not be responsible for any damage as a result of your shipment, whether such damage is direct, consequential or incidental, except to the tune of the declared value of up to US$50 per package or US$2 per pound, whichever is lower. This is regardless of our knowledge or oversight on the fact that damage was likely to occur.


You undertake that we are not responsible for any type of loss, damage, delay, non-delivery, or misinformation relative to your package caused by events or disasters out of the control of Ship Quicker including but not limited to natural disasters, government authorities, strikes, union disputes, weather, ship failures/delays, war, acts of terrorism, or your failure to adhere to the terms in this agreement. For instances where delays occur as a result of the shipping line, you agree that it is our duty to provide proof that your packages arrived at the point of departure within a reasonable time.

You agree and you are aware that all packages are stored in warehouses and these warehouses may not be best suited for prolonged storage of certain items. Therefore, you undertake that we are not liable for the deterioration or depreciation in quality and physical changes of packages stored in our warehouses, either of perishable or non-perishable items, as a result of prolonged storage, etc.

In cases where your package requires special storage, you agree to notify us of such requirement via the Special Delivery Instructions section when creating your shipping alert and you agree to make the payment for all the costs incurred to store such packages.


We make no warranties, directly or indirectly, and expressly disclaim any warranties. All packages received by us will be delivered “as is” and we will not be responsible for damages incurred as a result of it being shipped to our warehouse by online retailers or third party delivery services as each package will be inspected upon delivery with video proof.


By using our service(s), you hereby appoint us to be your agent for customs clearance and you certify us to be the nominal consignee to delegate a customs broker to perform customs clearance when necessary.

You undertake that you are responsible for and will provide compliance with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations including but not limited to customs laws; import, export, and re-export laws, and governmental regulations as regards your shipment in both the United States of America and Jamaica. You agree to provide information and backing documents where necessary to comply with these laws, rules, and regulations.

You agree that you are in possession of all clearances, permits, certificates or other government clearance documents required for your package to enter Jamaica. You agree to provide these documents within 24 hours of request by us. You also agree that when you are not in possession of these required clearance documents, all the additional charges incurred to release your package will be your sole responsibility and you also agree that your package will not be sent out for delivery until these additional charges are fully paid.

We will not be liable to you for the loss of your package as a result of your inability to comply with any of the required documentation with the Jamaican Customs or other government agencies.


At the point of delivery, it is your duty to note the content of your package and register any complaint you have at the point of delivery. Any complaint not issued at the point of delivery will be duly waived.

For deliveries made via Knutsford Express and Zipmail, you agree that you must make a complaint with our Customer Service within 24 hours of delivery or your package will be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and no further claim can be made on such delivery.

You agree that while we will take all required steps within our power to ensure that your packages are delivered timely, the time of delivery is not consequential and you undertake that no fixed delivery period is agreed upon, therefore, we will not be liable for the failure to deliver your package on time.

The delivery date Ship Quicker provides is an estimated time frame and we will optimize our efforts to ensure that we deliver on or before the stated estimated dates. However, you agree that these dates are mere estimates and we do not assure delivery on these dates as time is inconsequential in the delivery of your packages.

You agree that any delivery you accept without noting any damage or making complaints at the point of delivery will be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and no further claim can be made on such delivery.


All generated coupons have a 5lbs weight limit or less and are not redeemable once your package(s) exceed(s) this limit. Coupons are not stackable and they are subject to withdrawal or cancellation without prior notice.

You agree that coupons are only redeemable for only the shipping cost of your package. You will be required to make payment for all the other costs accrued by your package including but not limited to Custom Duties, Taxes, Surcharges, and any penalty where applicable.

You agree should you choose to redeem your coupon for a package below the coupon weight limit, you cannot redeem the coupon for the weight balance.

You agree that once the period indicated on a coupon elapses without redemption, the coupon will be marked as invalid.


All users have the opportunity to become a Platinum Member. You agree that all platinum membership coupons are valid for 10 days and have a weight limit of 5lbs. You agree that at our discretion, we reserve the right to remove you from the Platinum program.


In instances where packages are lost or damaged, either the actual weight or dimensional weight (whichever is lower) will be used to determine the limit of liability.

You undertake that you cannot make any claims until all the shipping fees, custom duties and other fees incurred by your package are fully paid.

You agree that any delivery you accept without noting any damage or making complaints at the point of delivery will be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and no further claim can be made on such delivery.

For deliveries made via Knutsford Express and Zipmail, you agree that you must make a complaint with our Customer Service within 24 hours of delivery or your package will be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and no further claim can be made on such delivery.

In order to make a claim, the content of your package, its original shipping package, and boxing must be made available to us for inspection.

You agree that should you be unavailable to physically receive your delivery but it is rather received by an assignee and your assignee fails to note damages or loss at the point of delivery, no claim can be made on such delivery.
If your package is misplaced while it is stored in any of our warehouses, a full refund of its actual cost will be made to you as soon as the original invoice of the package is provided to us and you also provide us with evidence showing that your package was duly delivered to us by a delivery service provider with full tracking information and signature verification.

You agree that we will not be responsible for the loss of packages delivered without any tracking information proof and signature verification.

You undertake and fully agree that on no account will we be liable to make refunds above the actual cost of the misplaced package, and the only amount to be refunded will be the actual amount stated on your original invoice of package.

All claims made must be submitted in writing within 7 days of delivery.


You agree to have been properly informed of your shipment’s arrival, once we notify you either via text or email. Consequently, if after 30 days, payment for your package is yet to be received, we shall dispose of the package without further contact with you and with no liability on us. Inconceivable situations where payment has been received but you are unavailable for delivery, we shall hold on to such items in our storage unit for a considerable period liable to a requital of a warehousing fee of US$5 per pound per chargeable weight per day, and this fee shall be remunerated in full by you before items are released. All items not laid claim to after 30 days stay in our storage unit are at the customer’s risk.

Constitutional response to impose a claim of an undelivered package must be tendered within 7 days of supposed delivery provided that a preceding written claim has been sent to us without receiving any feedback 15 days thereafter. For the objectives of this section, items are believed to be delivered to you, once we contact you to schedule delivery and a certain period is agreed upon for delivery. In a case where you are to remunerate any amount of money due to us, the 30days does not start to run until the said amount has been fully remunerated to us.


By using our service at Ship Quicker, you agree:

• To remunerate the total shipping fee due at the time your package arrives Jamaica and clears customs.

• That we hold your general good charge free for 14 days and afterward if the appropriate documents are not tendered for your package to be shipped out, we will charge storage fee at US$2per pound of chargeable weight per day until items are dispatched; and for vehicles, that storage fees after 14 days shall be US$2 per day.

• To remit any demurrage fee or other charges that may accumulate as a result of your hesitation in presenting necessary documents, dropping off vehicles, or inter-changing vehicles during loading or after loading, or any other additional service required to ensure safe shipping of your goods/cargo.

• That once you are informed of the arrival of your item, and you refuse to make a payment or take delivery of your item after 14 days, that you will be charged a storage fee at a rate of US$2 /pound per day, and/or at of US$2per day for vehicles.

• To pay any or all other fees that may be compelled by regulatory or government agencies beforethe release of your items.

• That time is not of the essence for all of our shipments as we strive to ensure their safety.


• Welcome to our Warehousing service. This service is proffered to you at www.shipquicker.com and any sub-domains are delivered under strict terms and conditions hereto contained and/or via any of our frequent newsletters. Upon the creation of Shipping Alert, your package will on receipt, be categorized, repacked, consolidated (where necessary) and shipped to your desired destination. Therefore, by completing the Sign-Up process, you agree to be held liable by the terms and conditions and may only continue to use our warehousing service as long as you strictly keep to these terms and conditions.

• You agree that all items shipped to your given warehouse address will be used only in Jamaica. You define and warrant that you are not a person or entity as described by Section 1 of the United States of America Executive Order No 13,224 of September 23, 2001 (Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons Who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism).

• Upon registration, an account will be opened for you and as soon as you verify your email address, you will be assigned with one warehouse address of the United States of America which includes a Unit Number proprietary to only you.

• An account will become active only when you upload a government-issued means of identification and setup a forwarding address that is subject to further verifications. Failure to do so within a specific period will result in the deactivation of your account and access to your warehouse address will be revoked.

• We retain the right to decline approval for an account for security or additional reasons which we deem fit.

• By signing up, you designate us as your agent for the receiving of your packages. As such, you authorize us to deal with your packages including sorting out, warehousing, etc. Nevertheless, items must be correctly addressed, bearing your assigned unit number. Thus, if an item is addressed to a different person but bears your unit number such packages shall be kept until substantial evidence is presented that it belongs to you before we reassign it to your warehouse. In a situation where a package is wrongly addressed, you may be charged a penalty fee of up to US$2.

• We retain the right, and you permit us to open, examine and screen all packages/items delivered to you without any prior notice. We will not accept items deemed unlawful or goods that are visibly damaged as at the time of delivery or expired products. If a blunder is made and such items are mistakenly accepted, such items will be returned to you or any other appropriate authority.

• You accept to use a delivery service that supplies full tracking information and signature verification; and that we are not accountable or liable for items delivered without any evidence of tracking and signature verification.

• In cases of documentation issues, your items are kept charge free for up to 7 days and must be sorted out and dispatched by us after 14 days else charges shall apply. After 14 days, storage charges of US$2/pound per day will be charged to your account and must be paid for before your package will be released for delivery. If you choose that you will prefer to claim your items from your warehouse so as to exercise alternative shipping options, we will be compensated for the cost of accepting and storing your items and this is charged at US$2/pound per day, starting from the very first day the items arrived the warehouse. Please note that you will not be allowed access to retrieve items from your assigned warehouse if this compensation is not paid in full.

• You accept that after 30 days, we retain the right to sell, decimate or otherwise dispose of such packages without being subject to any liability whatsoever to you or any other party.

• You accept that you are conscious of our shipping terms and conditions as enunciated on this website. Our shipping cost can be seen by using our quote calculator (click here). Please note that additional charges separate from the standard shipping fee may apply in certain instances.

• You also accept that you are conscious that we have no affiliations with the store/retailers your items are procured from, therefore any defects in products that are not directly associated with damage that may occur during transit must be reported straightway to the retailer.

• You accept and acknowledge that your account will be used only for lawful activities; and that any kind of illegal/unlawful or duplicitous use (either by procuring items by stolen credit cards, unauthorized payment methods, etc.) of the account shall lead to instantaneous closure of your account, confiscation of the items so procured and announce you to both civil action and criminal prosecution.

• You shall compensate us for any loss incurred for inappropriate or criminal use of your account and we are not accountable to any loss or damage that may arise from your unlawful use of your account that breaches any part of these terms and conditions.


You accept that we may terminate these Terms and Conditions for good reason at any time and without notice. The good reasons shall include, but is not limited to:

• Your use of the Ship Quicker account for illegal, disturbing, or fraudulent purposes or any purpose forbidden by us, the individual warehouse locations, or other regulations;

• Your default in remunerating fees owed to us when due; and

• Your breach of any conditions of these Terms and Conditions or any condition relating to operating regulation and policies that are issued by us on Ship Quicker’s website.

You affirm that, for the goal of determining the good reasons for termination of these Terms and Conditions as stated herein, the deeds of any person authorized by you to use your Account or the Service will be attributed to you.


These Terms and Conditions shall be demystified and governed by the laws in the United States of America and Jamaica.


Any altercation, claim or dispute arising out of or in pertinence to these Terms and Conditions will be referred to and eventually settled by private and confidential binding arbitration before a single arbitrator held in either the United States of America or Jamaica.


• This Agreement supersedes any vocal agreement, promise, representation or understanding between parties in regards to shipment.

• In as much as any condition included in this agreement may be contrary to any applicable international treaties, laws, government regulations, orders, or requirements, such conditions shall remain valid and binding as part of our shipping agreement.

• Headers are included for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of the Agreement.

• The lack of validity or unenforceability of any condition or clause shall not affect other condition(s) in this agreement.

• The rights and remedies provided in this agreement are cumulative with, and not exclusive of, any rights or remedies stipulated by law.


Ship Quicker is dedicated to providing global and hassle-free shipping services to individuals and companies at an unrivaled cost-effective price. To ensure total assurance and satisfaction:

(i) We pledge a 100% refund in 30 days if anything happens to your items while in our custody.

(ii) We guarantee savings of 50-75% of the delivery cost in comparison to other online published rates of major shippers.

There are conditions and disputes to claiming the refund under the Ship Quicker Refund Policy. We entreat you to read more on Ship Quicker Refund Policy to allow you to get a 100% refund if anything befalls your shipment. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR REFUND POLICY.

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